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Style Guide

This is the Majestic SEO Style Guide. Anything not found here may be found in our FAQ or Glossary.

  1. Majestic SEO and Majestic-12 Trading Names
  2. Tools and Features
  3. Common Terms on the Website
  4. Use of Majestic SEO Logo

Majestic SEO and Majestic-12 Trading Names
Majestic SEO has uppercase 'M' and SEO and is separated with a space, whereas Majestic-12 has an uppercase 'M' and is joined with 12 using a hyphen. Examples are shown below:
  • Majestic SEO
  • Majestic-12
Majestic SEO and Majestic-12 Trade Marks

All of the following terms are trade marks of Majestic-12 Ltd:

  • Majestic SEO
  • Majestic-12
  • Majestic
  • Flow Metrics
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
Tools and Features

All of the following Tools and Features are capitalised at the start of each word and words should separated by a space:

  • Fresh Index
  • Historic Index
  • Advanced Report
  • Standard Report
  • Site Explorer
  • Backlink History
  • Neighbourhood Checker
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • Clique Hunter
Common Terms on the Website
The following terms should be spelled as shown below:
  • URL
  • ACRank
The following terms are spelled as they are shown below and only start with a capital letter where appropriate in the English language:
  • backlink
  • subdomain
  • geolocation
Use of our logo and data in publicly available data in Word, PDF, Powerpoint and similar style reports and case studies.
Where Majestic SEO generates individual charts and reports, these can generally be used with our implicit consent, providing:
  • You acknowledge our enduring right to remove such consent or demand explicit consent in the future.
  • You visually acknowledge Majestic SEO as the source of any data used in your reports.
  • You do not make public data on a scale which might reasonably give rise to a third party reengineering and/or reselling the data.

If you use our logos, please do not stretch or otherwise alter the logo. The following logos are provided for your convenience:

Spacing Guidelines

Space equal to half the height of the Majestic Logo should be Maintained at all times around the logo.


All logos are available in 3 sizes in PNG format.

White on blue

Majestic Logo white on blue

Small Medium Large

White on transparent

Majestic Logo white on transparent

Small Medium Large

Black on White

Majestic Logo black on white

Small Medium Large

Black on transparent

Majestic Logo black on transparent

Small Medium Large

The MajesticSEO logo is also available in vector EPS format

Please DO NOT do any of the following:

1. Background image behind the logo. 2. Background colour behind the logo. 3. Change the font of the logo text.
4. Any straplines,text or images in the restricted space around the logo. See spacing guidelines above. 5. Stretch the Height of the logo. 6. Stretch the width of the logo.

You may NOT resell our data via web based tools without an explicit reseller license. For more information on using our data within tools, please initially read:

Have we missed anything?

At Majestic SEO we try to follow our Style Guide as much as possible, however if you think we have missed something, please let us know what we have missed, as well as what page it was on through our contact us page.