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Badge Samples

Below are some sample badges that you can place onto a Root Domain / Sub Domain to show how many Referring Domains that you have for If a 'www.' sub-domain is entered then it will be treated as just the root-domain, e.g. '' instead of ''. Any URLs entered will be automatically cropped down to the relevant subdomain e.g. '' is used instead of '' and '' is used instead of ''.

Rosette Badge Majestic Million Badge
View additional information about through Majestic SEO Site Explorer. View ranking information about in the Majestic Million.

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Follow   NoFollow

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Click the box above to select the code of the Majestic Badge that you want, and then right click your mouse and choose "copy" or press Control + C on your keyboard. Paste the code on your site where you want the badge to appear.
The above badges use our 'Fresh' index and the statistics they show will be updated inline with our index updates. This means that any time that the page that this badge will be displayed on is viewed, the badge will get generated. Any time the badge is clicked it will direct visitors to the Majestic Site Explorer, where they will be shown the statistics of the Root Domain/Sub Domain they were sent from. By default we make our badges Follow links, however, if you would like to make the links 'NoFollow' links then select the 'NoFollow' option underneath the TextArea and copy that code instead.